Footsteps through conflict lands

This blog is not what you’d call cutting edge. It’s a glimpse of  how the  world once was.

Over the past 35 years, I’ve travelled in countries that were once new to tourism but have now changed so dramatically that some are hardly recognizable. A few authorities have been suspicious or downright hostile to travellers, but most have been welcoming or curious.  Most countries have made peaceful transitions to the tourist circuit  but too many have been ravaged by war or extreme political change and are going through horrific, destructive times.

I have now loaded my travel diaries for Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria ( in the pull down menu under “Countries”). I have also included extensive  search tags so you can look up individual places or people, if you are interested.

I will later be adding photos and diary entries for  Libya, Algeria, Guatemala, Vietnam, China and Turkmenistan – plus a few more.

Some photos were taken before the digital age and are of poor quality, so I apologize in advance for their short comings.

The Flickr link takes you to my tobeytravels site, which at the moment also has my UK and general photo albums. .

This blog is a personal snapshot of my travels and my memories.


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