Syria 2015: Day 3 Ezra and Bosra

St George

St George’s Church, Ezra

Day 3 Ezra & Bosra

The Church of St George (410 AD) at Ezra is a simple, fascinating place. We were able to go behind the Greek Orthodox alter to visit the (possible) tomb of the saint.



Bosra carpets

Bosra Carpets

After having a short wander through Bosra town we went onto Roman Bosra to see the remains of the basalt built city.


Bosra Theatre 4

Bosra Amphitheatre



The amphitheatre is large, seating 5,000, but it’s been heavily restored. There’s now a Citadel built around it. The locals had originally built their house amongst the ruins but most of them have now been evicted. There’s a great jumble of old and new.

The mosque is the 3rd most holy after Mecca as Mohamed was supposed to have visited it. It’s constructed using Roman columns. UNESCO is due to take over the running of the site because the disrepair has now threatened the stability of the whole building.




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