Afghanistan 2012: Day 16 Mazar e Sharif

Mazar e Sherif-tt (1)

Mazar e Sherif

A leisurely breakfast was delivered to our rooms to avoid upsetting the other guests during Ramadan. Then we spent the morning walking around hot, dusty, busy roads.



Mazar e Sherif-tt (9)

Mazar e Sherif carpet shop

The carpet sellers and antique shops got our attention in the afternoon. There were far too many antiquities openly on sale , some of it museum quality. I was shown a 1,000 year old hair pin in the shape of a small bird (£20) and breath-taking, rare, 12th century Ghorid pottery bowls, coloured with ground lapis lazuli and glowingly intact. It had never been so difficult to say no. [I still dream of those bowls].



Mazar e Sherif dinner tt

Mazar e Sherif dinner

As the heat rose to 40 degrees we bought more bottles of water and fizzy drinks to take back to our hotel and arrived back severely dehydrated. Very good spinach lasagne for dinner at the Royal Oak.

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