Afghanistan 2012: Day 13 Herat Gazargar Shrine and shopping.

Herat Gazargar

Gazargar Shrine, Herat

We took a taxi to the Gazargar Shrine (alt: Khwaja Abd Allah Ansari) after being warned by G that no one can take photos of the pilgrims because it’s such a holy Sufi site. Sufis come here to have their sins washed away at the 11th century Timurid tomb of Saint Khwaja Abdullah Ansari.






Herat view from Gazargar

View from Gazargar Shrine, Herat

The site was calm and peaceful and we sat for a while to watch the pilgrims praying, and then walked back through the hundreds of marble pillared tombs to overlook a vantage point over the city.



The afternoon was spent shopping in Sultan Hamidy’s emporium and buying a heavy Pashtun shawl from the weavers for $20. The shawl was excellent quality.

After buying peaches, grapes and water we went back to rest, ready for our 2.30 am start tomorrow. We’ve been unable to get tickets to fly to Mazar e Sharif so we’ll have to go back to Kabul instead.

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