Afghanistan 2012 Day 5: Bamiyan Buddhas cont.

Top of Large Bamiyan Buddha

Top of Large Bamiyan Buddha

We attempted to view a nearby small archaeological dig that was being covered over for the season but were chased away by an overzealous guard and warned not to take any photos. The French team have claimed to know where the lost reclining Buddha is, but as yet there is no proof that they have actually found him.




Bamiyan Buddhas path ttWe walked back to the hotel via the cleared mine fields, now planted up with crops (mainly potatoes), over small aqueducts and streams.

We found some small food & drink stands but we were too exhausted to go the extra kilometre into the main town.





Bamiyan Shahr-e Gholghola tt

Bamiyan Shahr-e Gholghola

Some of the group found enough energy to visit the “city of screams”, Shahr-e Gholghola but didn’t walk to the top because it was too steep and crumbly. It’s the site of a 13th century fortified city destroyed by Genghis Khan and is so named because he slaughtered all of the inhabitants.



We were concerned for Q as she was now a lot worse and had stayed in her room all day. G has decided to take her to a better hotel tomorrow, a tourist one with air conditioning. He spent hours at the airport this afternoon but they’ve refused to accept her on a flight and the NGOs also would not agree to take her back with them on their flight.

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